VXLAN testing using Aticara

March 17, 2017

Aticara Introduction

Aticara is a completely software based and virtualized traffic simulator which can run on Commercial Off
the Shelf Hardware (COTS) and can generate line rate traffic both stateful and stateless.
Supported Hypervisors: ESX, KVM, Openstack
Supported Speeds: 1 /10/25/40/50/80/100 Gbps
(200 & 400 Gbps in roadmap)*

VXLAN testing using Aticara

Aticara facilitates functional and performance testing of Vxlan Gateways both physical and virtual by generating Vxlan traffic which represent multi-tenant application sharing L2/L3 infrastructure.

Aticara can surround the Vxlan gateway and generate traffic representing several hundred thousand virtual machine generating Vxlan encapsulated traffic.

Aticara is beneficial because it allows the QA engineer to simulate Vxlan encapsulated traffic originating from several hundred thousand Virtual Machine without having to have configure them therby also shrinking the test bed required for generating huge volume of Vxlan traffic.

Aticara can simulate several hundred thousand emulated VM’s which can generate stateless as well as stateful traffic (ICMP, TCP, HTTP). Aticara also emulates several hundred thousand Virtual Tunnel End Points (VTEP) which in turn applies the Vxlan encapsulation.

Figure1: ATICARA VM with Vxlan Support

Aticara simulates servers behind the VLAN, which can be configured to match the corresponding VNI.
Figure1 depicts the way Aticara can wrap around the VXLAN Gateway to achieve both function and
performance testing.

VXLAN Usecases Achievable with Aticara

As Vxlan Gateways become more sophisticated and heavily deployed in the cloud, the level of testing required to verify the functionality and performance becomes critical.

Below are some of the scenarios which can be tested with Aticara

  • Small numer of VTEPS with large number of VNI and eVM’s
  • Large Number of VTEP’s with small number of VNI and eVM’s
  • Broadcast/Mutlicast Flood test
  • Line rate application traffic per VNI
  • VxLAN/VLAN Leakage
  • VM Migration